Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Drawings, an old lady and a 'Dead Lake'!

Still drawing, practice practice practice.........more practice!!! Then some more! Eventually some of my observational drawing will be posted.
I am also writing a script for a short film at the moment. I know i've probably said that about a hundred times on this blog, but i feel good about this one. Working title is 'Dead Lake', i want to go back to what i love about films and film-making, telling stories and exploring the vocabulary of film. I think i touched on this in 'Unorganized Crime' but i want to go flat out. During my time at Uni i explored animation and the limits of animation, and had fun. I guess i got a little confused with what i want to say in the films that i make!?!? Fun is great but i would like to do something more...... Hopefully i will with this next film, if it ever gets made!

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