Short films & Animations

My passion is making short films, whether it's animating, designing, writing or directing. Here is a list of short films that i've worked (working) on over the last year. Titles will take you to the film.

Unorganized Crime. (2011)
Co-Director, Story, Art Director, Character and Environment Design.
'Unorganized Crime' is my graduate film from Bristol School of Animation. I worked on the film with four other students. It's a short animated film about a classic 1940's bank robber with a sleeping disorder. (click here to see my designs)

E4 Esting (2011)
My entry into the e4 esting competition.

HAY! (2011)
Director, Story, Character and Environment Design.
'Hay' is a short film made at Bristol School of Animation during my third year, i worked on the film with Dane Winn. It's a short animated film about a Hay stack a farmer and a dog.

A Leap of Faith (2010)
Character Designer.
Advert entered into the Doritos 'King of ADS' competition.

Facing the Tub. (2010)
Director, Story and Character Design.
'Facing the Tub' is a CG film made in my second year studying at Bristol School of Animation. It's a film about a dog that doesn't want to take a bath.